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$9k profits for the first week

February 12, 2023

$9k profits for the first week using the Mars trading system. Thanks a lot. I trade forex pairs.


Beyond Expectation

January 17, 2023

I purchased the Mars trading system last week. Set up the system in the weekend and followed the system to trade this week. Very easy to use and it actually works. Just made another 2K$ yesterday as can be seen in the attached photo. It deserves 5 stars.

Gerardo Branch

Very reliable system

December 27, 2022

Very reliable system. I have used it for 14 months. Monthly profits are pretty stable (between 12% and 33% every month).


This is the best system I have ever used

October 12, 2022

This is the best system I have ever used. I have tried a lot of indicators, systems, strategies, etc. This Mars system is top notch among all of them. It has built-in everything I need, like the dedicated day trading module, the stop loss & target profit module, etc. Back test is enabled by default, and the system can optimize itself like a robot. Some other systems may have one or two features above, but the Mars system is a full package. They also provide very useful tutorial guidance to teach the users step by step on how to use the system. So far I didn’t see any flaw of the system. It works like a money printer for me in the past few weeks. I’m pretty satisfied.


The Mars system is a really nice tool

September 21, 2022

The Mars system is a really nice tool. I almost doubled my account in the past 4 months using it. The only thing may need some improvement is that the automatic optimization get stuck sometimes. It happened to me for a few times and I have to rerun the optimization when it happened.

Knox Cook

Response from


We’re glad to hear that you doubled your account in a few months, and we’re really sorry for your experience that you got stuck with the auto optimization sometimes. The auto optimization is working with your computer browser. If you minimize the browser when the auto optimization is running, the process may enter sleep mode and get stuck there. To avoid that, you just need to keep the browser viewable when the auto optimization is running. It usually takes a few minutes only to complete the auto optimization. After that you can minimize the browser.

AGT Service

Milestone Review

August 24, 2022

I lost 40% in the first few months of this year. I started to use the Mars system two months ago and TODAY I have got all my loss back! It’s a milestone for me so I want to write an honest review here. This is the system that can really make profits for me! Thank you AGT!

Keith Moore

I need access to the system

August 15, 2022

I lost access to the system today. Sent an email, but no response yet.

Mario Allen

Response from


Really sorry for the inconvenience. We encountered some tech issue today. Some users were impacted and lost access to the system for 20 minutes or so. We fixed the issue quickly and you should be able to access the system now.

AGT Service

This tool is amazing

June 22, 2022

This tool is amazing. If you have some experience in stocks trading, you’ll realize how hard to achieve consistency. I mean making profits consistently is very, very challenge. In the past I repeatedly buy too late and sell at a loss. I won sometimes and lose more. I guess emotion is one of the reasons for that since I was always stressful when I traded stocks.

This has been completely changed ever since I started to use this algorithmic system. The system did the analysis for me and sent me the buy/sell alerts, so I just need to follow the alerts to trade. No more guess and no more stress. Ever since then I got consistent winning trades and sometimes I got losing trades but they were small ones. I think I have found the right way to trade stocks!


This is the system you want to use

May 2, 2022

The AGT team is one of the most professional and informative teams I have ever seen. I had more than 10 emails back and forth with the team and every time I sent my questions, they answered my questions informatively and promptly.

I joined them after I did my due diligence, and I was amazed when I set up the system and completed their tutorial course. This is NOT some simple indicators to help traders do market analysis. It’s actually a complete trading system – you can enable / disable the intra-day mode, you can define the trading hours (as a part time trader, I just trade the first two hours after the market opening), you can set the trading direction (long only, short only, or both long and short), you can set the security mode, and you can define the risk management strategy (choose which algorithm you want to use for stop loss and take profit), etc. The magic is – after you set up all your preferences above, the system will optimize itself automatically and give you the best back test result!! You then review the result and when you’re satisfied with the result, you can move on and just follow the system to trade and the real trading result is pretty close to the prior back test result.

Their training course covers every single step I mentioned above, which brought me to the new world of the algorithmic trading system. The core algorithm makes the strategy quite profitable, and the back test optimization ensures the system works with the best strategy to fit my trading preferences. In two months I have made more than $60K. If you’re a part time day trader like me, this is the system you want to use. I recommend it sincerely.

Rafael Horton

55% gain for the first month

February 25, 2022

55% gain for the first month using this system! See the attached screenshot of my trading account. I just graduated from the University of Toronto, and it’s my first time trading stocks, so I deposit 6K last month and now it’s 9.3K. lol All I did was to set up the system and follow the strategy to trade. Just want to share my experience and hope you guys make profits too.


Pretty good system

December 16, 2021

Pretty easy-to-use system if you’re an experienced trader. For new traders, it may take you a few hours to learn how to use it. It really works.

Daniel Harrington

Response from


Thanks for your review. Regardless of experienced traders or newbies, we recommend our users to spend a few days to learn and get familiar with the system before using it in real trading. Be patient to learn and practice, and you’ll get rewarded!

AGT Service

This system eliminated my anxiety in trading

November 6, 2021

This system eliminated my anxiety in trading. Before that I was always guessing the market and actually most of the guesses were wrong and I lost more than $4000 last year. When I came across this system, I decided to take a try. I went through their training and learned how to build a profitable strategy based on this system. I spent about 3 days on the system and finally got my own strategy built up and verified thoroughly in back test. Since then I just followed the strategy to trade and magically I saw my trading account turned around to go up!! I have been so excited to see those decent profits almost everyday in the past few weeks. I really want to say hank you to the AlphaGoTrading team!


It's exactly the system I have been looking for

August 17, 2021

All I can say is this system is exactly the trading system that I have been looking for in the past few years. I have tried a lot of systems with different strategies. This is the only one that has the algorithm control, risk management & built-in back test function, and also automatically works for different securities and time frames! Again I have been looking for this kind of system for years. I finally found it. Now it really works and my profits have been improved significantly as I followed the signal alerts from this system to trade. I would give it 5 stars. BTW I’m a full time trader with 12 years experience.

Gene Elliott

This is the tool I need

May 26, 2021

I was impressed when I went through the training tutorial. It was the first time I learned how to build an algorithmic trading system. Back test before trading was pretty nice. It enhanced my confidence to the new level. I have used the system I built for 2 weeks and already made more than two thousands dollars. This is the tool I need!

Calvin Hardy

It works as expected

March 22, 2021

I learned a lot from their user’s training. The system improved my trading experience and I could see my account growing consistently since using it. It works as expected!

Alfonso Logan

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